Could you be a FIVE8 Brand Ambassador?

FIVE8 Industries is looking for brand ambassadors for full and partial coilover sponsorships. Do you think your car has what it takes to represent our brand and product? Complete the Sponsorship Application to apply. For complete details on our sponsorship program see below.

We are a group of enthusiasts that share a passion for cars. And it’s this same passion we look for when selecting brand ambassadors. Slick rides are awesome, but equally important is a quality partner that cares about the brand like we do.

- Team FIVE8

Sponsorship FAQ’s

How do I get my ride sponsored?

Complete the FIVE8 Sponsorship Application, and be sure to include as much information as possible. This will help us when making our decision.

What should I include on the application?

Include details like build details, current suspension, what shows you plan to attend, car clubs you are with, and how you will be a solid brand ambassador for FIVE8.

Do I get to rep FIVE8 stickers on my ride?

YES. We would be stoked if you would… and it’s a requirement for sponsorship deals. We will send out decals at the time of your product shipment.

Do I have to prove the coilover installation?

YES. We require that all sponsored brand ambassadors provide photos of the installation within 30 days after receiving the product shipment.

What do you look for in a brand ambassador?

Integrity/Quality/Professional/Slick/Ride… These are a few words that come to mind. We are excited to work with professional car enthusiasts that are serious about their car build. We look for quality partners that have either worked on successful builds in the past, or have a solid plan in place for their current ride.

What happens next if I'm accepted as a brand ambassador?

We require that you install the product and submit photos within the first 30 days of receiving your shipment. We will assign you a FIVE8 team member that can follow up via email and phone. Our team member will check in with you for the following:

  • At least 3 social media posts in the first 60 days featuring the FIVE8 product. Hashtags: #five8industries, #five8, #riactionusa
  • At least 3 professional photos of the car with the FIVE8 product installed.
  • A written review and/or testimonial of the product emailed to your FIVE8 team member.
  • Represent FIVE8 at car shows/events with visible FIVE8 and associated product decals.

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